8 thoughts on “Snow in Phoenix? Not allowed…

  1. Well, you’d think people went to Phoenix to forget about snow, but it’s not really our next home, more of an accident, really. Still, we will enjoy the week or three that we spend there each year…Hopefully, our children will get more fun out of it


    • Hi Gabi, I do have an Arizona snow dome as well as a St Thomas, Bermuda, and numerous from Florida and the Bahamas! I may have a Phoenix! There are so many that it may take a while to spot! Unfortunately I also noticed that many of them are now bone dry!


  2. I am just glad the TSA is protecting us from the evils of snow domes when we’re traveling. Last time I flew they took all my cosmetics away–despite the fact that I had flown with them several times without incident. Whoops! I didn’t really understand that mascara was a hazard–maybe the little wand could be dangerous. Now that I know that even snow globes imperil our freedom, I can understand that mascara cannot be tolerated either. Thank you for this post.


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