A podcast on behalf of Drugfree

Drugfree used to be the Partnership for a drugfree America. Remember their ads? This is your brain (picture of an egg) – this is your brain on drugs (fried egg). Back in April they interviewed me for a podcast about being the parent of  a bipolar son, who also used drugs before he was diagnosed to self-medicate.

I forgot all about it until this week, when I ran across it when Googling myself (trying to find this blog…what an embarrassment – I couldn’t remember my own link).

If you’d like to listen to it, here it is:


Um…er…Here I am…

It was inevitable, I suppose. I’m on Scribd and Stumble and MouseMuse and…I’ve been encouraging other people to write blogs. I’ve been commenting on their blogs. I’ve been tweeting their blogs. I’ve been Facebooking their blogs (is there such a thing?)  They’ve been clamoring for my blog.

Perhaps clamoring is a bit of an exaggeration.

But here it is, anyway. I write. Not as much as I ought – given the fantastic amount of stuff I have to share with the world. I write about my bipolar sons, my husband’s ongoing and hilarious battle with computers, my childhood in England, and why I don’t really want another dog, just yet. I suppose I ought to have a theme. If there is one, it’s probably ‘Unfinished’, or maybe ‘First Draft’. That sort of sums up my life.

Which is a nuisance, because I hear that life can’t be edited after it’s happened. Oh, well. Back to the keyboard.